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Home Visits

Get access to quality primary patient-centered care at your convenience without stress. Request a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, medical laboratory scientist, or a caregiver, for consultations, quick check-ups, therapy sessions, or in-home diagnostics from the cosiness of your home.


Get connected to specialist consultants in different fields of medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy all from your mobile device. Schedule an appointment, and get a visit from the ideal medical specialist in your home or office.
No hassles, no stress.


Get prompt access to medical emergency services at home or work, from a pool of well-equipped ambulances and emergency medical professionals. We also provide comfortable and safe transport services for patients who may need special support to and from their healthcare appointments.


Gain access to a network of local and international specialist doctors virtually on the Medic Dispatch mobile application. Get second opinions and advice from both local and international medical professionals. No need to join a waitlist or commute, just schedule an appointment and commence a session.


Run your lab tests from your home or workplace. Make a request, and get a visit from our Medic (Phlebotomist). Sample gets tested and get your result electronically through your Medic Dispatch mobile app.


Save time and energy, get your medications and medication refills from nearby pharmacies with the Medic Dispatch mobile app. Make your order through the app, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


Boycott the queues and long waits in the hospitals when you book an appointment with your preferred hospital or any hospital closest to you through the Medic Dispatch mobile app.


Access all your medical records from your mobile device. Medic Dispatch mobile app provides an end-to-end fully encrypted system where you can easily access all your health records on the go without any stress or bureaucracy.

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