Enjoy Quality
Patient-Centred Care.
Book a diagnostic test, meds refills & prescription to your doorstep
Enjoy Quality
Patient-Centred Care.
Consult a specialist in-person & videocall.
Enjoy Quality
Patient-Centred Care.
Your medical history & vitals in one place

Our Services

The Medic Dispatch App


We provide patient centred primary care to our clients. Schedule an appointment now to book a service.

Access all your medical records from your mobile device. Medic Dispatch mobile app provides an end-to-end fully encrypted system where you can easily access all your health records on the go without any hassles.

You can request for your meds from your app. We show you med prices upfront, so you can choose which way to pay. We deliver your meds right to your door in secure, discreet packaging within minutes.

Consult our verified doctors and all specialist privately online for any health concern + Audio/Videocall. Get a digital prescription & free follow-up.

Add your dependants. Request or book a healthcare service for your eligible dependents. Eligible includes: Your spouse, he or she can also be enrolled separately. Your kids, wards and dependants or aged parent.

How it Works

Bringing Quality Healthcare to You

The Medic Dispatch mobile app connects and brings to you medical professionals and healthcare services at the comfort of your home or workplace on your mobile device.

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